24 Hour Ranking System

How To Get Evergreen  Free Advertising Space At The Top Of Google & YouTube

The Code Has Been Cracked

Free Ads On Google & YouTube..

Ads are getting more and more expensive. It's a fact! Facebook and Google are pricing themselves out of the market for the start ups and anyone who want's to desperately hold onto their shirts.


For over 17 years I have been in the trenches testing out marketing strategies, trying to look for that true "passive income" strategy.


During one of my many "experiments" I stumbled upon my 24 hour ranking system. Had I really cracked the code? Could I honestly now tap into free traffic that is not only targeted to all my products, but anything on the planet?


And was this traffic being handed to me on a plate by Google on it's two biggest search engines?


I had to look over my shoulder to see if I was being followed, I wasn't!


Whilst I was mining for gold in an undiscovered gold mine everyone else was panning for gold in an over panned river, hoping and praying that they may pick up a tiny speckle of gold dust to take home to their families.


SO over the next 15 months I picket out my tools and refined my mining process.


I now have the ONLY proven system to tank competitive products on Google & YouTube within 24 hours.


Welcome to best the free traffic system on the planet.

Introducing The 24 Hour Ranking System

Google Wants To Rank Your Videos

With just a handful of three minute demos of our favourite products we rinse and repeat this simple process to get over $1000 per day recurring income. Complete set and forget system.

YouTube is so powerful that we discovered a weird hack that get's us over 50% conversion using "The Power Of Three".


My clients Todd achieved 72 first page targeted listings within a week on both Google & YouTube and generating him 1500 traffic views to his affiliate products. Completely for free.


All with a brand new channel in the first two weeks.


He had no prior subs, likes or comments..

  • From YouTube To Google

    I will show you my step by step plug and play system to take your YouTube vids and transfer them to the front page of Google within 24 hours (100% white hat)

  • No Waiting - 24 Hour Listings

    The first 24 hours is crucial, we have cracked the code to take your listings and put them on the front pages within the first 24 hours and keep them there.

  • Evergreen Traffic

    By giving Google the right signals we ensure that your listings stay there for years to come saving you hundreds of thousands on ad spend for years to come


  • 50% Conversion

    Using the "Power Of Three" principle you will be able to get over 50% conversion with your promotions.  We are constantly able to out sell our vendors ads with free traffic.

Don't Take My Word For It...

Paul is dedicated to growing his clients business and goes above and beyond as he only works with a small amount of clients at once. Within the first two weeks of working with Paul I was able to get 72 page one listings and 17 top listings on the first page of Google & YouTube. 

Todd Temaat

Affiilate Marketer

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Meet The Trainer

Paul Murphy
Affiliate Marketing Expert


Paul has been affiliate marketing for over 17 years and discovered the 24 hour ranking system in early 2016.

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