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If you can get at least 100 people on a webinar that you feel would be a perfect fit for the ATS Academy, please reach out to the affiliate manager Andy Hussong: partnerwithandy@gmail.com​.

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If you would like to discuss anything at all please contact our affiliate marketing manager @ support@tripfunnels.com

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TITLE: It's Like Winning The Golden Ticket! 


Hi (NAME),


I was watching the film Charlie and The Chocolate Factory the other day and that got me thinking, what would it really be like to get a lifetime of chocolate...? Now that's a thought!


I was looking about online as you do and randomly I saw this... "Here's Your Golden Ticket", was that a random co-incidence? I had to check it out, obviously.


Paul Murphy, an online affiliate marketing expert was showing live case studies of how he was getting to the first page of Google & YouTube for all his products, even the highly competitive ones and generating a fortune in profit from free traffic, and the kicker was he was doing it INSTANTLY!


WHAT !!! 


He showed stats & case studies of how he was making over a million dollars a year from less than five products. Was this guy for real? I had to find out so I signed up for the webinar (not really hoping for too much).


I have to say what I saw blew me away, not only were his stats and ranking real (he showed them live) but the process was so ridiculously simple I was slightly embarrassed that I had spent a small fortune on Facebook & Google ads while he was able to easily clean up with free ads.


Now I know how exactly how to do it and  I now have my very own golden ticket.... I never have to spend a penny on ads ever again. (FREE CHOCOLATE FOR LIFE...WAHOO)


Paul's free training will save you hundreds of thousands on ad spend for years to come so I though you might like to check it out since it's free, (for now, anyway)


This is the next level... Get your free chocolate for life here >>> {< AFFILIATE LINK)




P.S. Make sure you don't miss this before he starts charging.. "Free Traffic Training Here" (< AFF LINK)


How To Earn Big As An Affiliate For ATS

Once you sign up you will get all the affiliate resources you need 

  • Offer some kind of value added bonus for signing up with you

  • Do blog posts to attract people to discover the course

  • Create 3 Minute YouTube Demosn

  • Post one to your Facebook Page

  • Send out a Tweet with your affiliate link for people to sign up

  • Send out an email at least 2 times to your list

  • Run a Facebook Ads campaignn

  • Team up with influencers on YouTube & Instagramn

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